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Easy to manage and control imports and export utilities to provide a seamless user experience and 100% transparency.


The Decision Ready platforms supports multiple mechanisms for bi-directional data exchange with bank systems. Decision Ready Technology supports web services queries from other bank systems to perform most functions such as, Relationship Manager Assignment, Relationship Manager Lookup and Integrated Servicing Record (ISR) update. The technology also supports a nightly bi-directional data feed to perform the above functions in batch.


Centralized Repository

The ISR is the centralized repository that not only stores loan level data but also houses the details on each loan level activity through the various default departments. Data from multiple systems, documents, emails and checklist values are stored in a relational database.


Multiple Views

The ISR supports multiple views into the loan level activity detail. Standard views that are supported out of the box include the servicing associate, team lead, site manager, quality control specialist and internal/external auditors roles.



The technology facilitates transparency of information across all users by pulling information from multiple servicing systems into a centralized location.


Versioned data storage

The rules, checklists and loan level data is versioned each time a decision or process step is performed. This allows auditors and managers to review the file in the same state as when the activity was actually performed.

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