Technology - Claims Processing

Industry expertise coupled with innovate technology to simplify a traditionally complex process.

Claims Processing Verticals

FHA/VA Investor Claims Processing

We are here to assist servicers with the explosive growth in FHA originations. Our suite of processing solutions include Part A and B Claim Filing, Supplemental Claim Filing, and Loss Mitigation Claim Filing. We have extensive experience in both CWCOT and Conveyance claims.

Reverse Mortgage HECM Claims Processing

Decision Ready is one of the leading providers of claims outsourcing for HECM Claims Processing. We have several years of experience in working with STORM and other FHA systems. Expertise in filing Appraisal-based, Sale-based, Short Sale and Third Party claims for reverse mortgages.

Loss Analysis and Due Diligence

Ensure that appropriate losses are being passed through to the owner of the loan according to the appropriate servicing agreements. Review all past claims filed to determine possible recoverability and assist with loss recovery. Manage internal approvals and delegation.


Guidelines Engine

All critical investor servicing guidelines stored and enforced by the platform to minimize errors and facilitate lookup of allowable values and timelines.

Calculations Engine

Automate calculations for curtailment dates and curtailment amounts based on loan default timeline factoring in loan holds by state.

Missing Docs Review

Ability to track missing docs for follow-ups and reminders to minimize suspends or under claiming.

Workflow and Statusing

Manage your claims pipeline assembly line. Leverage resource expertise more effectively by leveraging key resources at the right time.

Process Transparency

Know how your internal resources and outsourced vendor resources are performing. Support a collaborative process across vendors & internal teams.

Reporting and Analytics

Extensive operational, executive, and productivity reporting by site, vendor and user. Download detailed data real-time for offline analytics.

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